Take Action

 TAKE ACTION NOW with these easy ways to reduce disposable plastic in your life

Say no to disposable cups when out and about

These look like paper but they are lined with polyethylene. In theory they can be recycled but most places lack the proper facilities to do this. Don’t be misled by compostable cups. They require a special process to compost which cannot happen in landfill and if not disposed of properly they can contaminate other plastic items that can be recycled. Check out the “Conscious Cup Campaign” website for more information and participating café’s map. Get a discount for using your own cup!


Stop buying bottled water and drinks

Carry your own bottle and refill on the go. Recent studies have shown plastic particles in bottled water, now that’s reason enough!


Food on the go and storage

Say no to disposable carry out containers for lunch or food on the go.  Get  your own lunch box or lunch bag and cutlery. Recycle glass jars and containers in the kitchen for storage. Replace cling film with reusable bees wax wrap.


Say no to plastic straws

Plastic straws make the top ten list of litter items found in beach clean ups internationally.


Beauty without plastic

Use reusable cleansing pads instead of disposable wipes which contain can contain plastic.  Stop using exfoliators and toothpaste containing microbeads. Plastic microbeads are too small to be filtered and end up in the ocean where they are mistaken for food and then end up in the food chain to be eaten by us!


Have plastic free periods

Check out reusable menstrual products and save money while saving our environment.


Bring your own shopping bag

Carry a small spare cotton bag with you for any unplanned purchases and bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket. Use produce bags instead of single use plastic ones for veggies and unpackaged items.


Shop in bulk

By shopping in bulk you can reduce the amount of plastic packing you have to dispose of. You can also control how much you want and reduce your food waste at the same time.


Say no to free plastic stuff

It is usually something you don’t need and will end up in landfill eventually.



Supporting your local beach clean. If you live in Ireland check out the “Clean Coasts programme”. There are similar programme’s operating in countries all over the world. Check out yours and get involved.

 Pick up one piece of litter along your path when out and about. It takes two minutes. Every piece disposed of properly is one less piece destroying our environment.


Most of all remember that your re-usable bottles, cups, and bags are not fashion accessories. They are tools to be used in the battle against the rising tide of single use plastic. Don’t forget them, if you buy them use them or say no to the plastic alternative.


"Our choices make a difference choose to reuse"