About Us

The seeds for “Keep it Green’ were sown back in 2014 although I didn’t know it then, when I completed a Permaculture Design Course on an organic small-holding in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I had given up my legal career to pursue new interests as I had become increasingly aware of the over consumption and excessive waste in our convenience, throw away culture that is causing so much damage to our society and our environment.

It was at the P.D.C. course that I was introduced to the principles of permaculture namely : People care, Earth care and Fair share. Those principles which promote sustainable lifestyles and encourage us all to care for the earth and each other, have inspired me to take action and to try to help make an impact on the environmental challenges we all face.

I see some of these challenges every day. We live near the coast and beside a beautiful 270 acre park in Dublin, so as city dwellers we are fortunate to live so close to wonderful natural amenities. The problem is that on daily walks with our dog George it is impossible to ignore the plastic waste problem which is polluting every hedgerow, pathway and sports pitch in our park and our shore line.

Growing my own fruit and vegetables has helped me to appreciate the benefits of unpackaged food. All that unnecessary plastic and paper packaging when nature provides the perfect wrapping!

Keep it Green eco shop is about providing alternative products which support sustainable lifestyles and encourage the principles of reuse & refill. When we incorporate these principles into our daily lives we reduce the unnecessary consumption of our planets natural resources and we produce less waste that ends up in landfill or the ocean. As consumers we can all try to move away from our convenience, single use culture by becoming more conscientious about our consumption and help restore our environment to health and resilience not just for us but for our children and grandchildren.

Our products are great quality and made to last a long time, they are made sustainably from natural materials so that when you are finished with them they can be composted, recycled or given to someone else to use and you save money in the long run.

“Many of my customers from a previous generation tell me that there was very little or no waste when they were growing up because there was no single use plastics, everything was reused and recycled. So reusing every day items is not a new concept. It is an old habit for a new generation. We are that generation!” - Audrey, Keep it Green eco shop.


Our choices make a difference, choose to reuse!