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Hi there,
Keep it Green started off as a market stall in May 2018 and today we finally launch our online store. 
Our aim is to offer our customers products that are great quality and design, made to last a long time and can be composted, recycled or given to someone else to use when they are finished with them. 
Green issues and eco products are trendy but the problems facing our environment are not just a trend that will pass.  We hope that providing links to some current campaigns seeking to raise awareness about the issues causing damage to our environment and some of the actions that we can all take to make a difference in tackling those issues, will help our customers to be informed. Our book section also offers some great ideals on  how we can change to more sustainable lifestyles.
The permaculture principles of Earth care and People care are important to us and so we ensure as far as possible that the ethical values of the suppliers and manufacturers we deal with are aligned with ours. Where possible we buy from Irish companies and small artisan enterprises as reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our local economy are also part of our core principles. 
Thank you for visiting our shop!
Audrey & Alexandra

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